3 Important Things for Parents to Know About Child Safety Seats

June 26, 2018 Off By kuro

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that car accidents are responsible for 25{a70943a3c788d664d1371fc4f30d1eb0d28c5ad5f0191ad6e8cb19f89fe4ad87} of unintentional injury deaths among children. The majority involve unrestrained passengers under the age of 13. However, studies show that car seats can dramatically reduce the risk of fatal injuries to children. As a result, many conscientious parents now comb the Internet for guidelines that help them choose the best car seats, stay on top of child restraint laws and learn about safety seat recalls.

There Are Different Kinds of Safety Seats

When parents visit sites like parentingpod.com/car-seat-safety they quickly learn that each child needs a car seat meant for their stage of development. Site information outlines the types of safety seats and how each is designed to support young passengers’ changing safety needs. Visitors who want detailed descriptions of the various car seats are also able to see details here. For instance, guidelines explain the differences between rear and front-facing seats. Information carefully outlines how booster seats work and how to tell when children are ready to graduate to seat belts alone.

Every State Has Child Car Seat Laws

Since auto makers began offering child safety seats in the 1960’s all 50 states have adopted laws regarding child restraints. As a result, drivers with unrestrained children can be ticketed. Some states require that kids aged 9 or under must be in car seats or booster seats. Several states require that children under the age of two are in rear-facing car seats. The laws are not consistent across the country, so parents should check with their local authorities to find out what their requirements are. Child safety sites often contain maps that break down individual state child car seat laws as well as the fines for breaking them.

Parents Should Be Aware of Product Recalls

It is essential that caregivers review current child car seat recalls to ensure that the products they are using are safe. If parents register their products, manufacturers will automatically send recall notices. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also offers a child seat recall listing that is always current.

When used correctly child safety seats can prevent thousands of deaths and injuries in children under 9. Parents using the seats should ensure that they have the right type for their needs, be aware of safety seat laws and stay on top of product recalls.