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A 10-Point Plan for Services (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Slickplan: Beginner’s Guide to Website Planning and Information Architecture

Every business today consider web or digital presence as a necessity to attain business goals. With this being said, web design and development are important that makeup information architecture and even more. What does it mean by information architecture? Allow us to share with you in this article the basic concept about website planning or information architecture.

Information architecture refers to the structural design and planning of websites, online communities, intranets, applications, and software for supporting visibility and usability. Information architecture is the use of basic principles of design and architecture into the digital platforms. The the concept of information architecture is the implementation of various techniques and knowledge applying to different complex information systems and techniques including library systems and database development. The blueprint to the success of web design is information architecture. Information architecture involves the testing and analysis of web content, functionality, and user experience to enhance navigation, improve content, and determine flaws. It provides a framework of surrounding information, location awareness, provision of content, and sustainable digital structure.

What is the relevance of information architecture in your web presence? Information architecture provides a powerful source for business websites to carefully create an appealing and functional websites based on real user experience, influencing user behavior and activities. Slickplan is an information architecture tool provider helping web designers, web developers, and business owners to have a concrete and effective web plan based on real results from testing of web navigation, functionality, and web contents in preparation for a website’s major launch. A good information architecture tools provides an in-depth analysis of the different elements to make a successful website such as placement of call to action or CTA buttons, menu option placement, proper advertising sections or windows, sitemap, typography, … Read More