Great Interior Design Ideas For An Office

Great minds can produce new ideas in nearly any environment, but an inspiring office will only make the brainstorming process easier. Interior design for workspaces follows the same basic rules as a kitchen or other utilitarian areas. Keep your furniture to a minimum and ensure each piece has a purpose. Let your personality and taste shine through in your office with the right accessories, color combinations and artwork. Small adjustments like the addition of a new rug or a different lamp can turn an uncomfortable office space into the perfect headquarters for a true genius. Here are five great ideas for adding the right touch to the interior design of your office.
Stick To A Coherent Theme
Mixing ultra modern and classic furnishings may sound exciting, but it can create a space lacking a central theme. It is easy to feel disorganized or cluttered in an office with mismatched furnishings. Stick to a simple theme and play around with contrast at the accessory level. Try hanging a large landscape painting in oil on the wall of a monochrome and minimal office for a touch of the traditional that doesn’t disrupt the entire room.
Architectural Light Fixtures
A simple desk lamp can provide the light you need for work, but large and sculpted light fixtures are far more inspiring to the mind. Add a central fixture if the room is mostly square, or try a few smaller fixtures for long or oddly shaped offices. Multiple sources of light also make it easy to adjust the light level when working. Bright light helps you stay alert when you need to work through the night, while dimmed mood lighting makes a client or customer feel at home.
Cut Down The Clutter
No matter what interior design scheme you choose try to avoid adding unnecessary clutter. An end table full of knick knacks may sound like a great decoration, but it doesn’t have the same impact of a single large focal piece. Choose furniture with modular storage options if you don’t know how much paperwork and supplies you’ll need to keep organized. Many desks allow you to add side cabinets that fit seamlessly with the original design when you need another drawer for pens and important memos.
Plan For The Public
If you will be visiting with clients or partners on a regular basis in your office, consider creating a public and private space. Anything from a simple screen to a hanging wall divider can help separate your office into the two spaces. You can decorate the public section with neutral colors and decorations and save personal photos and your board of inspiring images for the private area.
Focus On The Natural Beauty
Try outfitting your office with a few upgrades to the flooring or wall coverings instead of purchasing new furniture. Laying rich natural stone tiles or an elegant wallpaper can make a serious impact on the office without requiring you to find space for another piece of art or a larger desk.