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All about Residential, Commercial, Electrical Services

Electricians do electrical wiring of stationary machines and buildings and other equipment’s which use wires and they might be employed by anyone to install new electrical component or do maintenance and also repair existing infrastructures which needs wiring and they are some who are specialized in wiring airplanes, ships, cable and data.

Electricians are divided in two chief categories, like the linemen who do work in electric utility companies which distribute electricity of high voltages and wiremen who do the work of lower voltages installed in buildings.

They are trained in some five special jobs that of low voltage wiring such as video, data, voice, industrial, light industry, residential, and commercial and there are other sub-specialities of fire alarm and control wiring which is done by people trained in doing installation.

Electricians are also trained in three levels master electricians, journeyman, and apprentice and apprentices receive reduced payment and while they are getting trained while journeymen are people who have finished the training and master electricians are people who have worked as electricians for a long time and have superior knowledge about electrical work.

They also do repairs and many construction electricians usually focus on doing large projects including doing installation of new electrical systems for entire buildings, and they may upgrade an office building or do any remodelling.

They work in hospitals and others are stagecraft where they do focusing, hanging, and operating of stage lighting and others are theatre electricians who do electrical work in lighting stage instruments and equipment and this is not part of electrical work since they have diverse qualifications and skills unlike the usual work that is done by electricians who do building wiring.

They hire tradesmen for doing the work and they also provide the materials as well as communicating with the architects, the building engineer and the look at the plan of the client so as to be able to finish the work properly.

There are regulatory limitations in some jurisdictions which concerns how the electrical work may be done because of reasons of safety and they are risks of hazards while doing the electrical work and the limitations may include the licensing, registration and the testing if the workers skills and the equipment’s they use to do the work and this varies form one jurisdiction to the other.

Electricians must work under supervision of their superior people who have more experience in electrical work and when they do many electrical work it is important that they make it known what extent of work they may handle from doing electrical appliances, testing and tagging, smoke alarm installation, safety switches, writing reports, data solutions, cabling, air conditioning and whether they have inspection and certification.

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